No More Names a project of majors against illegal guns

The national drive to reduce gun violence

The Drive began June 14th in Newtown, CT on the six-month anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.


Americans have been murdered with guns since Newtown

No More Names

Now is the time to pass common sense gun laws

Six months have passed since the mass shooting in Newtown, and Congress has done nothing to prevent future tragedies. Meanwhile, another 33 Americans have been murdered with guns every single day since then. Now is the time to pass common-sense laws, including comprehensive background checks, that will reduce gun violence and save lives. That’s why the more than 950 mayors and 1.5 million grassroots supporters of Mayors Against Illegal Guns launched No More Names: The Drive to Reduce Gun Violence. Starting in Newtown, CT, the No More Names bus tour will travel to 25 states in 100 days to make sure Congress can’t ignore the overwhelming majority of Americans calling for common-sense gun laws. At every bus stop, gun violence survivors, mayors, faith leaders, and other community members will read aloud the names of Americans killed with guns since Newtown – and urge their members of Congress to stand with us and pass laws that will save lives.

25 states in 100 days. Keep the tour going all summer.

Our leaders in Congress have committed to bringing a life-saving background check bill up for another vote. And we are going to do our part to make that happen. We will visit elected officials across the country and park in front of their home offices so they can’t ignore the 90% of Americans who support common-sense background checks for all gun sales. Support our efforts to confront members of Congress all summer long. Together, we'll deliver a simple message: No More Names.


Updates on the Bus Tour

Rally at the U.S. Capitol Photo

23 Sep

Rally at the U.S. Capitol

After spending the summer holding rallies and remembrance events in the hometowns of members of Congress, we took our message to Congress’s front yard–the U.S. Capitol. Survivors of gun violence, families of victims, faith leaders, law enforcement and supportive members of Congress urged the House and Senate to reconsider bipartisan background check legislation that is [Read more...]

12 Sep

Massachusetts: Leading the Charge

Hundreds stood with Mayors Against Illegal Guns co-chair, Mayor Thomas Menino, for a #NoMoreNames event outside iconic Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston. We were joined by distinguished members of Massachusetts’s congressional delegation, including Senators Warren and Markey, Congressman John Tierney, Congressman Michael Capuano and Congressman Stephen Lynch.

New Brunswick Photo

10 Sep

New Brunswick

Last week the No More Names tour stopped in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We were joined by Congressman Frank Pallone, a leader in the fight to reduce gun violence and a co-sponsor of bipartisan background check legislation in the house. Congressman Frank Pallone (D NJ-6) Councilman Glenn J. Flemming, Sr.“I live in the city of [Read more...]

Faneuil Hall, Boston Photo

29 Aug

Faneuil Hall, Boston

Yesterday we gathered outside Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston with Mayors Against Illegal Guns co-chair, Mayor Thomas Menino, to demand Congress take action to end America’s epidemic of gun violence. We were fortunate to be joined by members of Massachusetts congressional delegation including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey, Congressman John Tierney and Congressman Michael [Read more...]

29 Aug

Take a Second Look

On tour through three Ohio cities, supporters and elected officials alike urged Senator Rob Portman to take a second look at comprehensive background checks.

Chester, PA Photo

28 Aug

Chester, PA

On Monday the No More Names tour stopped in Chester, Pennsylvania. A week before our stop, three people in Chester were killed with guns. John Linder, Mayor of Chester, PA “Around the country there are voters, survivors, law enforcement officers, mayors, domestic violence advocates, moms — who want their voices heard and want to educated [Read more...]

27 Aug


The No More Names tour held a remembrance event in Pittsburgh’s Lincoln-Larimer neighborhood. Larimer is a community fraught with gun violence, and just hours before our event, someone was shot and killed on a nearby street. One of our speakers was Rev. Glenn Grayson, whose 18-year-old son Jeron was killed by a stray bullet while [Read more...]

The Steel City Photo

21 Aug

The Steel City

The No More Names tour stopped in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, last week to thank Senators Pat Toomey (R) and Robert Casey (D) for their leadership on comprehensive background checks. Senator Toomey co-authored a bipartisan background check compromise with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D). Though a minority of Senators successfully blocked the compromise from becoming law, [Read more...]